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Finally an app That saves you time and makes you money
What Can AVA Do For You? Automatically answer incoming phone calls Generate hot, qualified leads for your business Automatically answer questions via text message Automatically follow up with leads via text message Gives you back your time Helps you make MORE MONEY! oin The Mobile Revolution!
The game-changing opportunity you've been looking for! To join, enter the phone number you were invited to call. Don't have a phone number? We got you! Contact us here. We'll get you set-up with one of our world-class resellers today!Get Back Your TIME With Our AI Text Messaging Chatbot, AVA!AVA is your NEW Automated Virtual Assistant! She holds real time, human-like text message conversations with everyone you connect her with and then texts you whenever worthwhile happens with that lead. She'll even automatically follow up with each of your leads and invite them to visit any website of your choice! GENERATE LEADS & CLOSE SALES VIA TEXT!
98% of texts are read and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes! If you're not texting your leads & customers, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! Use our built-in 2 way text messaging chat system to send text messages to one or ALL of your contacts with just a few presses of your finger! Register to learn how to start texting TODAY! Mind Blowing Textbot System Will Change The Face Of Business Face it, the world has changed, but in this change, a rising trend has emerged. A trend that will change the way we do business FOREVER.Presently envision this, you give a telephone number to a client or forthcoming client, and when that individual calls that number they hear a message this way "hey and thank you for calling my name is AVA and I'm here to control you to the data you are looking for me to convey the data that you're here to get I need you to squeeze one to allow me to send you a robotized instant message after you press one I'll send you a speedy instant message to manage you to the information you're here to get so squeeze one at the present time and search for a book from me". At the point when they press one AVA will immediately and consequently send them an instant message she will at that point request their name and hold an ongoing human-like instant message discussion with your beneficiary to lead them to whatever data you need them to have or whatever source of inspiration you need them to take. Presently we understand that requesting that individuals call a telephone number isn't generally the most helpful activity which is the reason individuals can message your number too. Regardless of if individuals are calling, messaging, or selecting in on your versatile catch page you can advise AVA to answer to them anyway you'd like, and once AVA has played out your ideal initial activity she will at that point educate your lead or client to answer with the watchword or to ask anything they'd like on the off chance that she perceives the catchphrase she will send your ideal answer for that catchphrase which you can rapidly and effectively alter directly inside your simple to use back-office, pretty extraordinary wouldn't you concur. I mean envision how much better your business life will be since AVA will do the accompanying efficient errands for you conveying data to your leads and clients through instant message, addressing questions through instant message, naturally sending you hot qualified prepared to purchase drives who won't burn through your time which obviously will prompt more traffic leads and deals and you need a greater amount of all those things right wonderful then you require to recruit AVA today. In no time flat I will advise you precisely how to do that yet before we get to all that let me show you how speedy and simple it is to get your lead number and set up AVA as you would prefer. Setting up AVA to work for you and your business should be possible in just 60 seconds or less. In the first place, you'll need to stack up your use surplus with at any rate 10 dollars worth of use credits. Use Credits are utilized to send and get instant messages all through the whole stage and are charged at one penny for every approaching and active message.Then, you'll consent to straightforward terms and conditions and with a single tick of the mouse, the framework will relegate you a telephone number.Essentially reveal to AVA where to send instant message notices to you so you'll generally understand what's going on with each lead continuously.Last, you will make your watchword. Watchwords are the manner by which you program AVA to naturally answer to your leads and clients dependent on explicit words or expressions they may use in their instant messages.In this model, we will make the watchword "information" and we will likewise have AVA search for the subtleties of the word and find out additional. We need AVA to perceive our watchword regardless of if it's utilized in a sentence or then again all alone so for this model, we will set the standard likewise to ensure it's gotten if it's utilized in a sentence. At that point you essentially type in your ideal content reaction presently how about we watch AVA in real life as she connects with this possibility.Your possibility can begin their connection with AVA either by calling or messaging your doled out telephone number. On the off chance that your possibility is calling your telephone number, they'll be told to squeeze one on their telephone's keypad so, all in all AVA will in a split second and consequently send them an instant message. On the off chance that AVA doesn't have the foggiest idea about the name of your possibility she will ask them for it so she may customize the messages. Whenever she has caught the name of your possibility she will at that point welcome them to answer with their ideal catchphrase on the off chance that they're keen on figuring out how to give AVA something to do for them in their business. They can essentially answer with "video" to get a customized connection to this accurate introduction, AVA will at that point catch and affirm their email address naturally for you and send them an email with a connect to this introduction that you are observing right now since you have AVA searching for the words "information" "subtleties" or "find out additional". She will get "information" in your possibility's answer and afterward in a flash convey your ideal content. You can even request that AVA advise you whenever your watchword is set off in this manner permitting you to make checked telephone leads for whatever business you need. On the off chance that under any circumstances your possibility has an inquiry that AVA can't answer she will teach them to answer with "assistance" so, all things considered she will assemble the inquiry from your possibility and afterward in a flash convey it to you through instant message just as recording a record of it in your back-office. You can sign into your back office whenever to not just view all the significant contact subtleties of your lead however you can likewise screen the ongoing instant message discussion your possibility is having with AVA what's more, with a single tick you can without much of a stretch delay AVA so you may have a coordinated live instant message visit with your possibility to address their inquiries and get them shut. Every one of your answers is right away conveyed to your possibilities' cell phone just as being logged and recorded so you can generally see information exchanged your possibility. There are significantly more remarkable highlights that AVA can perform for you so please and set AVA to work for you today and begin saving a huge load of time while getting more cash in your business. So is the light beginning to go off for you yet would you say you are beginning to consider all the fun and productive opportunities for your business that ava now offers? well in all honesty and not to seem like this person but rather there's additional. Not that ava can't deal with her own with your leads and clients since she surely can yet there are only a few things that are better left to us people right well that is the reason we've created it so you can screen each text discussion AVA is having with your leads and clients. On the off chance that there's anything you need to say to them you can stop ava and have a two-way text discussion with your leads and clients, so you can add that human touch and help AVA with anything she will be unable to reply. Presently you or your outreach group and AVA can cooperate to address questions and close deals all by means of instant message. You might be asking, for what reason should I even think often about being capable to message my leads and clients and what's the serious deal? Here are a couple of enlightening realities about instant message advertising that could actually help answer that question "SMS messages have an incredible 98 open rate" so in addition to the fact that sms is brisk and simple to set up clients like accepting and perusing them a lot of SMS messages are perused inside three minutes. So individuals are not just perusing your SMS messages they're perusing them nearly when you send them, SMS open rates are almost multiple times that of email. At the end of the day, when you send instant messages, beneficiaries read them and that is a decent beginning right. You see SMS showcasing measurements show organizations that aren't sending advertising or special instant messages to their possible clients may be missing out on considerable income, so how would you get it? Ideally, you can see now that having the option to consequently message your leads and clients as you can now with the assistance of AVA is serious and in case you're not as of now doing it you're losing a ton of cash. I'm certain now you're prepared to enlist AVA yet you simply need to know something more. What amount does AVA cost? well her expense is really insane modest that is you can give AVA something to do for you today for just $100. You'll pay a one-time arrangement charge of $100 to the affiliate who welcomed you here and presenting to you the entirety of this magnificent efficient stuff and $10 for utilizing credit. Presently I'm certain you'll concur that $110 is a significant strangely low cost to be paying for the entirety of the worth that AVA will bring to your life and business also the entirety of the time she will save you and you can't put an incentive on that right. so click this connection you see here on this page make your record and complete your necessary installments When you make those straightforward strides you'll have the option to get your lead number and given AVA something to do for you quickly. Presently I'm certain you'll concur that having AI Technology like AVA working for you and your business to save you a huge load of time is a smart thought. So click this Link Now and make your record and adhere to the basic guidelines for making your necessary installments. Before you go you ought to most likely realize that ava can likewise make you a huge load of cash if that is something you're keen on. She's paid out more than 500,000 dollars to our affiliates and keeps on paying them for a long time so on the off chance that you need to figure out how you can get paid 100 dollars in a split second and straightforwardly for each lead number and duplicate of AVA you sell make certain to look at the subtleties of our worthwhile affiliate program by tapping the connection you see here on this page. So whichever way your leads, and clients are hanging tight for you to reach them by means of instant message. So set AVA to work for you at the present time and appreciate the entirety of the additional time she will reward you in your life and your business